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A holistic approach to risk management, considering both internal and external risks.

Integrated Risk Management

An integrated approach for the most complex risk and compliance challenges

Now more than ever, organizations like yours are challenged with ensuring you have the right risk management tools and processes in place to maintain organizational trust across an ever-increasing risk landscape.

We help you:

  • Limit organizational risk by increasing the effectiveness and overall productivity of risk management, compliance, and audit teams.
  • Improve the ability to proactively maintain regulatory compliance, leading to reductions in regulatory fines and reputational protection.
  • Reduce the incidence of unplanned downtime, leading to improved end-user productivity.
Our mission is to provide comprehensive risk management solutions that address the unique needs and goals of our clients. We approach risk management holistically, considering both internal and external risks, and collaborate closely with our clients to develop customized strategies that effectively mitigate potential risks.

Integrated Risk Management

Manage multiple dimensions of risk on one platform, and quickly implement industry-standard processes and best practices to improve risk management and decision-making.

Operational Risk Management

Enterprise and Operational Risk Management centralizes data from siloed risk repositories and gives risk managers a range of capabilities for identifying, assessing, evaluating, treating, and monitoring risks consistently.

Public Sector Risk Management

We help U.S. government agencies improve information assurance program management, maximize existing infrastructure investments, and implement an integrated approach to meeting FISMA and OMB requirements.

IT and Security Risk Management

IT and Security Risk Management gives you comprehensive capabilities for quantifying cyber risk and communicating your organization’s risk and security posture to the board and senior management.

Third-party Risk Management

We help you streamline oversight of vendor relationships and facilitate activities necessary to fulfill regulatory obligations.

Operational Risk Management

Enterprise and Operational Risk Management centralizes data from siloed risk repositories and gives risk managers a range of capabilities for identifying, assessing, evaluating, treating, and monitoring risks consistently.


  • Risk catalog
  • Top-down risk assessment
  • Bottom-up risk assessment
  • Loss event management
  • Key indicator management
  • Operational risk management

  • Benefits

  • Bring consistency to risk management
  • Improve decision-making
  • Create a culture of accountability

  • Loss Event Management

    Automate the review and analysis workflow for loss events and manage the end-to-end loss event life cycle.

    Bottom-up Risk Assessment

    Document projects and create questionnaires from the extensive library and conduct fraud assessments and risk assessments of new products, services, business processes, or M&A targets.

    Top-down Risk Assessment

    Perform risk assessments on new products and services, business processes, and mergers and acquisitions; execute automated risk assessment campaigns using pre-built forms; and manage and report on identified risk issues and remediation progress.

    Key Indicator Management

    Associate metrics with risks, controls, strategies, objectives, products, services, and business processes to monitor quality assurance and performance.

    Operational Risk Management

    Engage business managers in using consistent methodologies to identify and manage the risks and controls under their purview.

    Risk Catalog

    Record and track risks across your enterprise and establish accountability for them.

    Our UNIQUE Approach to Business Risk

    REMVER offers a unique and innovative approach to business risk management. We integrate advanced technologies, industry-specific expertise, and a comprehensive understanding of our client’s business models to effectively identify, assess, and manage risks across various aspects of organizations, including financial, operational, strategic, and compliance risks. Our approach is founded on several key principles. First, we prioritize integrating risk management into our client’s overall business strategy and operations. This allows organizations to proactively identify and address potential risks in real-time, mitigating the likelihood of future risks.

    We also leverage advanced analytics and technology to analyze large volumes of data and identify patterns that may indicate potential risks. This enables organizations to make informed decisions and take proactive measures to mitigate risks. Furthermore, our industry-specific expertise allows us to provide customized solutions that address the unique risks and challenges organizations face across a wide range of sectors. Our network of trusted partners also enables us to provide services across different jurisdictions, helping organizations to navigate complex regulatory environments and geopolitical risks. Finally, we adopt a collaborative approach to risk management that involves working closely with clients, stakeholders, and third-party providers. This helps to build trust, foster transparency, and promote accountability, resulting in effective risk management solutions.

    REMVER business risk
    Vendors and third-party risk

    Third-party Risk Management Solutions


    • Understand your third-party ecosystem
    • Monitor risk and performance
    • Enable consistent management


    • Third-party catalog
    • Third-party security risk monitoring
    • Third-party engagement
    • Third-party governance
    Third-party catalog

    Understand the relationships you have with third parties to mitigate risk.

    Third-party governance

    Perform integrated third-party risk and performance management.

    Third-party risk management

    Determine your organization’s residual risk across several categories by leveraging a series of risk assessment questionnaires to assess third parties’ control environments and then analyze the results.

    Third-party security risk monitoring

    Assess third-party security risks quickly and more accurately with continuous, automated visibility into your vendors’ IT landscape.

    Third-party engagement

    Catalog the products and services third parties deliver to your organization according to each business process and business unit they support.

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