REMVER announces new collaboration with Microsoft Azure cloud

A benefit of using Azure is its scalability, which can help your organization easily adjust resources as needed and avoid delays or downtime due to capacity constraints.

Cloud and security Evaluations

Streamline your move to the cloud!

You can accelerate your cloud migration, and together, we can help you get there. That’s why REMVER collaborates with Microsoft Azure to offer fully funded Cloud and Security Evaluations. This rapid, data-backed consultative engagement is built to provide actionable insights for your unique IT environment. The engagement will enable you to understand risks, find opportunities to optimize and modernize and offer a clear pathway to decreasing the cost and complexity of your IT footprint.

We help you

  • Modernize and optimize IT assets
  • Mitigate security risks
  • Reduce cost and complexity
  • See how the cloud can help
Unique approach
Comprehensive visibility into your on-premises and hybrid cloud infrastructure. By leveraging real-time data, we present effective strategies that expedite cloud adoption, minimize risk, and result in cost savings.

Cost Optimization

Find ways to optimize the way you run your IT

  • Identify the most efficient way to run your environment based on real utilization data.
  • Find cost-effective ways to take advantage of the cloud.

Data Protection

Identify which risks your environment is facing

  • Detect key vulnerabilities
  • Assess their severity
  • Remediation actions

Cloud readiness

Develop a roadmap for your organization’s cloud journey

  • Identify parts of your environment that are ready to move to the cloud
  • Turn them into quick wins
  • Build a phased plan for the rest of your infrastructure
Trust - but verify - the state of your environment
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Of endpoints are exposed to at least one critical security vulnerability
0 %
Of organizations have overlapping or redundant productivity solutions
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Is the average cost reduction opportunity uncovered through optimization
transform productivity
Leverage detailed data, rapid insights, and personalized expertise while reducing unnecessary costs and obstacles.

Benefits and Solutions

  • Security
  • Cost and complexity
  • Optimization

Address threats, misconfigurations, and gaps requiring immediate action and get recommendations to reduce the risk to your business.

Cost and Complexity

Build the right plan for your organization, removing redundancies, and ensuring that what you have is what you need - and vice versa.


Uncover opportunities to right-size infrastructure using performance-based insights, as well as paths to the modernization of your existing IT footprint.

Your next steps

The work done during this evaluation will leave you with an actionable roadmap to reduce risk, drive optimization and modernization, and reduce the cost and complexity of your IT footprint.

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Of infrastructure assets are typically at—or approaching—the end of their supportable life
0 %
Of workloads are typically overbuilt and are using less than 25% of their capacity
0 %
Is the average cost reduction opportunity uncovered through optimization

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