Who We Have Helped with IT Disaster Recovery Solutions


Network & Telecommunication Services

Information Security

Enterprise Application Services

IT System & Project Development

IT System Support & Technology Customer Service

Database Administration & IT Operations

Who We Have Helped in Business Operations


Human Resources & Recruiting

Accounting & Financial Reporting

Budget & Resource Planning


Finance and Business Operations

Financial Management

Procurement & Property Management

Legal & General Counsel


Audit & Compliance


Sales & Marketing

Media Relations & News Center

Environmental Health & Safety

Facilities Management

Contracts Management

Estimating & Pricing

Program Management & Security

Fire Protection and Emergency Services

Counterintelligence and Investigations

Security Administration & Security Forces

Global Product Development & Support

Administration & Program Management

Parking & Visitor Center

Supply Chain Management & Distributions

Third Party Suppliers Management

Global Security & Risk Management

Production & Sustainment Operations

Web Services

Document Processing & Imaging

Who We Have Helped in the Financial Industry


Treasury & Trade Solutions

Markets & Securities Services

Global Cards & Payments

Markets and Securities Services

ATM & Investors Management

Electronic Payment Services (ACH)

Item Processing

Investment Services

Member Services

Portfolio Management

Research & Adjustments

Financial Business Services

Who We Have Helped in Manufacturing


Air Vehicle Systems

Engineering Services

Floor Assembly

Program Engineering

Fabrication & Tooling

Machining and Sheet Medal

Production Control and Material Operations

Quality & Mission Success (Q&MS)

Tool Manufacturing & Tool Control

Tube Bending and Welding

Aeronautic Services

Overarching Site Plans

Who We Have Helped in Higher Education


Registrar's Office

Enrollment Services & Technology

Financial Aid

Research Office of Sponsored Projects

International Student Services

Student Access-Ability

Student Counseling Center

Student Health Center

Executive Vice President & Provost

Office International Education

Bursars Office

Food Services

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