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Because knowledge is power, the REMVER IT Consulting blogs contain information about the latest trends and issues impacting our clients, our community, and the world. Nonetheless, they should not be used as a substitute for consultation with professional consultants, legal professionals, or other competent advisers. Subscribe to our IT Consulting blogs, stay informed, share the knowledge, and always do your own research.


IBM Security SOAR Breach Response

A data breach could mean a death sentence for your business. Can your company take the hit?

Don’t let this happen to you. Learn how companies are proactively protecting themselves, managing personal data, and ensuring their security and privacy teams are aligned to respond to security incidents and privacy breaches with @IBM #SOAR.


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Citrix’s Cloud Delivered and Unified Secure Access Solution

The rise in remote and hybrid work has increased the frequency and cost of data breaches. How does your company handle cyberthreats? Share your experience and watch this @Citrix video to see how its Unified Secure Access solution provides companies a more agile way to reduce cybersecurity threats and deliver the best end user experience. Learn more at REMVER IT Consulting


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Understanding and Responding to the Apache Log4j Vulnerability

The #Log4j flaw is one of the most significant cyber vulnerabilities in recent history—maybe ever. Are you prepared to act? And what specifically can your security team do? Listen to this @Palo Alto Networks webinar for strategies on neutralizing this highly menacing #cyberthreat and contact a REMVER IT Consulting Palo Alto Networks Log4j expert for next steps.


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Back up your NetApp File Storage Across your Global Data Fabric

 How do you back up more data in less time? It may sound like a trick question, but it’s the reality as organizations face an explosion of unstructured data that needs backup, but a need for 24/7 uptime that leaves limited backup windows.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this equation. Check out this infographic from @NetApp for the answer 👇🏼.


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Log4Shell Compromise Assessment

Is your organization protected from attacks exploiting the Apache #Log4j remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability?

@Palo Alto Networks offers world-class investigative expertise to identify the Log4j vulnerability, hunt for threats and reduce uncertainty.

Read the datasheet and reach out to a REMVER IT Consulting @Unit 42 by Palo Alto Networks expert to address your cybersecurity priorities.

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NetApp Cloud Data Sense

How do you get full visibility into your data? It can be tough to do, especially as data estates continue to grow exponentially. But identifying and mapping data is vital to optimization, security, cost reductions, and more.

Comment 👇 or DM us to talk with one of our @NetApp experts about getting full visibility into your data estate.


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The Total Economic Impact™ Of IBM Security SOAR

Businesses like yours need more ways to address cybersecurity incidents faster and more consistently.

Imagine if your analysts had 66% more time to improve your network security and deter threats—rather than just respond to threats.

Learn how businesses are accelerating productivity with #SOAR from @IBM.

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Help Mitigate Your Organization’s Cybersecurity Risks

Is your company ready to deal with the rise in cyberattacks and data breaches? Yes?👍 No? 👎 With hybrid work now the norm, you need to prepare with strategies for preventing, mitigating and transferring risk. Read this blog to understand your options, where cyber liability insurance fits in and how REMVER IT Consulting can help you meet cyber liability coverage requirements with @Citrix Workspace.

@CitrixWorkspace #digitalworkspace #hybridwork

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 Top Three Reasons to Provide Your Users with Remote PC Access

 Your employees want it all. Flexibility to work anywhere on any device. Robust functionality. Consistent, flawless online experiences. With Remote PC access from Citrix, REMVER IT Consulting delivers it all — and then some. This whitepaper highlights three reasons to consider a Remote PC access solution from Citrix. Download it with our compliments.

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Join the REMVER IT Conversation!

How can REMVER IT Consulting help you build resilience against cyber threats? Receive a complimentary cybersecurity consultation when you schedule direct.

To help you address the growing divide between employer expectations and employee interests vis a vis remote work, we are offering a free assessment of your #hybridwork capabilities. Click 👇 to book a meeting.

Working with #AI is like trying to communicate with your dog, says filmmaker Elvis Deane when talking about creating a comic book with an AI art program. Read the article and watch the video for inspiration.

Where would you rank cost savings on the list of benefits your organization is realizing from cloud computing? Does it even make the list? Read 👇 for insight.

Business & IT priorities are often misaligned, creating organizational friction that not only hampers operational efficiency but also negatively impacts customer experience. Here's how to foster team synergy: #CX #BusinessStrategy

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