Why Chief Data and AI Officers Are Set Up to Fail

#UnintendedConsequence: The explosion of generative AI is forcing data and analytics leaders to focus on defensive risk, regulation and compliance, often at the expense of growth, customer acquisition, and innovation.

With the explosion of generative AI and other powerful new data tools, chief data and artificial intelligence officers (CDAIOs) are more important than ever as companies navigate this new landscape. Too many, however, are set up to fail by poor alignment, lack of trust, not enough focus on business opportunities, and how their job is understood internally. There are five steps companies can take to better set their CDAIOs up for success: 1) make data everyone’s business, 2) make business leaders data champions, 3) review all data and AI investments to make sure the money is well spent, 4) shift to an ecosystem mindset, and 5) proceed with caution.

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