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IT and Security Risk Management

Your business is counting on technology to serve your customers and keep your operations running smoothly. Unfortunately, risks, such as security threats and technology failures can be right around the corner.


  • Cover all aspects of technology risk
  • Communicate with confidence
  • Set business-based priorities


  • IT and security policy program management
  • Cyber incident and breach response
  • IT controls assurance
  • IT risk management
  • Cyber risk quantification
  • IT regulatory management
  • IT security vulnerabilities management
  • PCI Management
  • Information security management

IT and Security Policy Program Management

Establish a scalable, flexible system of governance to manage IT and security policies and ensure alignment with compliance obligations.

IT controls assurance

Reduce the cost of IT compliance and the risk of compliance-related audit findings by implementing a consistent process for testing IT controls. Establish clear accountability for remediating compliance gaps.

Cyber risk quantification

Quantify your organization’s financial risk exposure to IT and cybersecurity events.

IT security vulnerabilities management

 Proactively manage IT security risks by understanding asset criticality to business operations and combining those insights with actionable threat intelligence, vulnerability assessment results, and comprehensive workflows.

Information security management

Scope your ISMS and document your Statement of Applicability for reporting and verification. Understand relationships between information assets and manage changes to the security infrastructure with a centralized view of your ISMS.

Cyber Incident and Breach Response

Establish business context to drive incident prioritization and implement processes to escalate, investigate, and resolve declared incidents.

IT risk management

Capture a complete catalog of business and IT assets for IT risk management.

IT regulatory management

Stay on top of the constantly changing regulatory landscape, meet compliance requirements and reduce risk.

PCI Management

Reduce the risk of credit card fraud and identity theft by implementing an effective PCI compliance program and reduce the risk of costly penalties due to non-compliance.

IT Security Solutions

Cyber intelligence solutions

Extensive visibility into the dark web and cybercrime underground with continuous monitoring of social media forums to provide clients with proactive intelligence.

Threat Detection and Response

Enabling better and faster detection of security incidents with full automation and orchestration capabilities to investigate pervasive visibility across modern IT and respond efficiently.

Threat Detection and Incident Response

Increased threat detection and response by providing deep visibility into threats anywhere and by incorporating threat intelligence, business context, and automated capabilities for incident response.

Extended Detection and Response

Enables organizations to detect and automatically respond to intrusions that have bypassed preventative controls, quickly halting the progress of threats and minimizing the impact.

Network Detection and Response

Provides real-time visibility into all your network traffic—east-west, north-south, on premises, in the cloud, and across virtual infrastructure—with full packet capture.

Endpoint Detection and Response

Monitor activity across all your endpoints, on and off your network, so you can drastically reduce dwell time and the cost and scope of incident response.

Security Orchestration and Automation

Security orchestration and automation solution designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your security operations center and cyber incident response team.

Threat management services

Complete coverage against phishing and Trojan attacks, rogue mobile apps and rogue social media pages.

3D Secure authentication

It enables merchants and credit card issuers to maintain a consistent, secure online shopping experience while limiting chargeback losses.

Log monitoring

Centrally manage and monitor log data from across cloud-based and on-premises infrastructure. It identifies suspicious activity that evades signature-based security tools.

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Identity and Access Management Solutions

Identity and Access Assurance

Ensures your users have secure, convenient, and appropriate access to resources and data across your environment and provides unified visibility and control across islands of identity.

Identity governance

Identity Governance and Life Cycle simplifies access governance, streamlines access requests and fulfillment, and provides a unified view of access across all of your systems and applications.

Multi-factor authentication

Protects SaaS applications and traditional enterprise resources with a full range of authentication methods—including mobile push-to-approve and biometrics—and dynamic, risk-driven access policies.

User and Entity Behavior Analytics

Detects unknown threats by applying advanced behavior analytics and machine learning to data captured.

Information Assurance for U.S. Government Agencies

Government agencies must successfully deliver mission outcomes while managing risk across a challenging and constantly evolving landscape.


  • Accelerate information sharing and response to risk
  • Support FISMA and OMB compliance
  • Manage the business proactively


  • Plan of Action and Milestones
  • Assessment and authorization
  • Continuous monitoring

Plan of Action and Milestones Management

Establish the organizational structure and assign accountability for risk and compliance issues.

Assessment and Authorization

Enable a system of record for every person, location, component, and tier in your organization. Lay the foundation for a comprehensive information assurance management program.

Continuous Monitoring

Use reporting and workflow to focus limited resources on remediation efforts that provide the greatest benefit.

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