IT Disaster Recovery Plan Development, Training & Awareness

Assessment & IT Disaster Recovery Plan Development

IT disaster recovery is one of the top disaster concerns in the 21st century. With files and processes becoming increasingly digital, there are many more problems to be concerned about in addition to the typical natural disasters and general business failures. In the digital space alone, businesses must protect themselves from corrupted data, hackers, malware, ransom ware, damaged hardware, internet/connectivity issues, and more.

Our Business Continuity, IT Disaster Recovery & Risk Management Consultants can help you identify your organization's Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and develop an IT Disaster Recovery Plan suitable and flexible to your organizational needs.

IT Disaster Recovery Training & Awareness

An IT disaster recovery plan is only as good as the employees in charge; therefore, employee training must be performed to ensure employees follow recovery steps in the proper order and a correct manner. The necessary training can vary in time and scope depending on the goals and objectives.

Once we develop your IT Disaster Recovery Plan, let's discuss the roles and responsibility of the stakeholders by conducting training & awareness sessions.

IT Disaster Recovery Testing & Exercise

When a crisis can happen at any moment, feeling confident that your company has the correct protocol in place is essential. Conducting regular tabletop exercise could give you and your employees peace of mind if a crisis does occur. A tabletop exercise is a discussion and walkthrough in which co-workers get together to examine emergency plans and how they might react in various scenarios. Walkthrough use a facilitator to guide and sharpen group problem-solving under pressure and elevate your company's preparedness.

Our Business Continuity, IT Disaster Recovery & Risk Management Consultants can help you test the new and existing IT Disaster Recovery Plans. We can also help you with Internal and Supplier Denial of Service (DoS), Denial of Access (DoA) Tests.

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