Business Continuity & IT Disaster Recovery Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

It's one thing to have a power outage that lasts a few minutes and another to have a widespread technological glitch that can prevent business as usual for several hours or even days. Some businesses need to determine what regulatory responsibilities they must adhere to in the event of a recovery event to avoid potential fines and litigation. If you have a regulatory finding that must be addressed or need help determining what regulatory responsibilities you must adhere to, contact one of our business continuity consultants. We are Always Happy to Help.

Audit & Compliance

If you have had major changes in departments or functions, such as the introduction of a new product, implementation of a new system, application conversions, or significant changes in organization or staff, we can review the results of internal control processes and analyze financial or operational data for any impact on business resilience.

Let's ensure your Business Continuity, IT Disaster Recovery & Risk Management Program meet regulatory compliance, e.g. FFIEC, FDIC, PCI, GLBA, NCUA, OCC, OTS, HIPPA.

Third Party Program Validation

If you have a Business Continuity, IT Disaster Recovery or Risk Management Program that requires Third Party Assessment, we can help.