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Our UNIQUE Approach to Incidents

Catalog your organization’s mission critical processes and systems and develop detailed business continuity and disaster recovery plans so you can protect your organization from disruption.

Audit Management

Our risk-based approach to audit management consolidates your entire audit process within one system. When your audit teams focus on the most critical areas of the business, you can transform how they collaborate with your operations for the most impactful risk-scoped audits.


  • Enhance control over audit
  • Improve collaboration
  • Manage the business proactively


  • Issues management
  • Audit engagements
  • Audit planning and quality assurance

Issues Management

Integrated risk management program to manage issues generated by audit.

Audit Engagements

Facilitates audit engagements, helps you maintain workpaper documentation, and allows you to report on audit results consistently and quickly.

Audit Planning and Quality Assurance

Enables you to risk assess your audit entities, make audit plans for engagements, and maintain control the entire audit planning lifecycle.

Regulatory and Compliance Management

A single, central, searchable repository for regulatory data, along with capabilities for establishing a sustainable, repeatable, and auditable compliance program.


  • Assess regulatory changes impact
  • Automate compliance
  • Eliminate manual, non-scalable compliance tasks


  • Policy program management
  • Controls assurance program management
  • Regulatory content analysis
  • Data governance
  • Corporate obligations management
  • Financial controls monitoring
  • Privacy program management

Policy Program Management

Create, manage, and distribute corporate and regulatory policies, standards and procedures in a single governance system of record

Controls Assurance Program Management

Document, assess, and report on the performance of controls across your business. 

Regulatory Content Analysis

Identify and assess the impact of new and updated regulations on your organization’s compliance posture.

Data Governance

Identify, manage, and implement appropriate controls around personal data processing activities

Corporate Obligations Management

Implement a system of record for organizing regulatory intelligence, and create clear linkages between changes in regulations and internal controls.

Financial Controls Monitoring

Assess and report on the performance of financial controls across all enterprise-level assets.

Privacy Program Management

Group processing activities for the purposes of performing privacy impact assessments and data protection impact assessments and for tracking regulatory and data breach communications with data protection authorities.

Our UNIQUE Approach to Business Risk

Fraud and Risk Intelligence

Fraud detection and prevention capabilities designed to protect consumers from financial fraud threats across digital and physical channels. 


  • Fraud loss reduction
  • Shared fraud intelligence
  • Holistic fraud prevention


  • Enterprise fraud management
  • Omni-channel fraud prevention
  • 3D Secure authentication
  • Threat management services
  • Cyber intelligence services

Enterprise Fraud Management

Sophisticated fraud detection and prevention capabilities designed to protect consumers from financial fraud threats across channels.

Audit Engagements

Facilitates audit engagements, helps you maintain workpaper documentation, and allows you to report on audit results consistently and quickly.

3D Secure Authentication

Maintain a consistent, secure online shopping experience while limiting charge-back losses.

Threat Management Services

Complete coverage against phishing and Trojan attacks, rogue mobile applications, and rogue social media pages.

Cyber Intelligence Services

Visibility into the dark web and cybercrime underground with continuous monitoring of social media forums to provide clients with proactive intelligence.

Occupational Safety and Health, Audits, Inspections, and Compliance

We can expect employees to exercise their responsibilities for safety by making them aware of the potential for injury, by educating them of any hazardous exposures and prevention procedures developed, and by requiring individual and shared accountability for safety. Our Safety and Risk Management Consultants can help you conduct site audits to ensure facilities’ security and regulatory compliance with OSHA and other regulatory agencies.

Written Safety Programs

Have you been tasked to write an Occupational Safety & Health Program? Our Occupational Health and OSHA Consultants can help with new or existing safety, health, and risk management development programs.



Whether you are a small business, a medium-sized company, or a large corporation, we can help further your safety and risk management goals and commitment to care for your people, protect our environment and grow your company.

Physical Hazard Analysis

If you have not conducted a physical hazard and vulnerability analysis, our Occupational Safety and Health consultants can help. Our services are designed to take proactive and preventative steps to improve existing processes or create new ones.

Our UNIQUE Approach to Risk and Compliance Planning

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