On-Demand SOAR Webinar

Learn how #AWS SOAR helps streamline security. 💡 Sign up to gain access to this fantastic webinar from the AWS Marketplace, which will give you insights into SOAR and how customers have successfully deployed it. Contact REMVER IT Consulting to learn more.

Watch this webinar to explore the security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) paradigm, its relationship with organization IT practices, and its role in your security strategy. Plus, hear customer stories of successful SOAR deployment in action. 

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Announcing AWS Storage Gateway

Get seamless and secure cloud integration with @Amazon Web Services (AWS) Storage Gateway! ☁️ With this service, you connect an on-premises software appliance with cloud-based storage for seamless and secure integration between on-premises IT environments and AWS Cloud’s storage infrastructure. Check out this announcement to see how it works. For additional details, reach out to REMVER IT Consulting.

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Avoid these AI pitfalls—free consultation

AI is fraught with pitfalls that can wreak havoc on your operations if you aren’t careful. Schedule a free consultation to discover the guardrails that can help you avoid major AI induced headaches.

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