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Our Cyber Security experts help clients in every step of the way toward Cyber Resilience. For immediate assistance on a data breach, Contact Us at 940-573-6837.

Cyber incidents can have financial, operational, legal, and reputational impact. Recent highprofile cyber attacks demonstrate that cyber incidents can significantly affect capital and earnings. Costs may include forensic investigations, public relations campaigns, legal fees, consumer credit monitoring, and technology changes. As such, we can help you integrate cybersecurity throughout your institution as part of the enterprise-wide governance processes, information security, business continuity, and third-party risk management.  

Inherent Risk Assessment

 The Inherent Risk Assessment is based on 5 Categories:

  1. Technologies and Connection Types
  2. Delivery Channels
  3. Online/Mobile Products and Technology Services
  4. Organizational Characteristics
  5. External Threats 

Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment

  1. Cyber Risk Management and Oversight
  2. Threat Intelligence and Collaboration
  3. Cybersecurity Controls
  4. External Dependency Management
  5. Cyber Incident Management and Resilience 

How We Help

Preparedness and Prevention


We can help you: 

  • Identify the Cyber Security Response Team and critical business functions.
  • Outline the Cyber Response Team's roles and responsibilities before/during/after a cyber incident (e.g. event monitoring, investigation, forensic analysis, legal responsibilities and public awareness...)
  • Train the Cyber Response Team to build awareness, increase confidence, and a more cohesive and faster response.

Cyber Security Tabletop Exercises


 We develop cyber incident scenarios tailored to your organization to help you enhance your cyber incident response time and efficiency. Our Cyber Security experts will be the Facilitators and the Evaluators.

We can help you:

  • Develop the Tabletop Exercise - Scope
    • Infrastructure systems
    • Applications / services
    • Interface dependencies
    • Plans
  • Provide an Exercise Report
    •  Planned recovery goals vs

actual results

  • Lessons learned
  • Action Items - improvement

Penetration Testing / Vulnerability Assessments


 A penetration test subjects a system to real-world attacks selected and conducted by the testers. A penetration test targets systems and users to identify weaknesses in business processes and technical controls. The test mimics a threat source's search for and exploitation of vulnerabilities to demonstrate a potential for loss.  

We can help you with:

  • External & Internal vulnerability assessments
  • Social engineering testing
  • Physical security assessments

Challenges in Discovering & Analyzing the Attack Surface?

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