Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Secure Mobile Data Once and For All

The rise of the mobile workforce has made it challenging for businesses to properly protect data that is created on mobile devices. Simplifying data protection for laptops and mobile devices begins with having the ability to provide backup to your mobile workforce, and having one place to manage all of those devices in terms of data protection.

Protect All Your Roaming Endpoints

Remver Business Continuity Consulting protects all your mobile devices including laptops, tablets, and smart phones – no matter where they roam. But, we also protect all your servers –physical and virtual – too. So, instead of using multiple backup solutions to protect different device types, you can use a single solution to protect everything.

Backup without Disruption

Backups shouldn’t disrupt your users’ work experience or become intrusive. Remver Business Continuity Consulting runs silently and delivers immediate data access to maximize productivity. Even over weak WiFi or cellular data connections, Remver Business Continuity Consulting provides advanced technology to optimize performance over these low bandwidth roadblocks so data is continuously protected.

Data Loss Prevention

Lost or stolen mobile devices are the most common source of reported data leaks. Easily locate lost or stolen devices with the best virtual Sherlock Holmes. Our software uses the mobile device’s IP address so you can trace the device’s location anywhere in the world and lets you delete any business-critical data on remote devices with push-button ease. Keep calm and carry on.

All Your Devices. Secured Against Loss or Breach

Remver Business Continuity Consulting can protect and govern mobile data easily, eliminating the load on your resources. We will manage all aspects of backup for all devices, provide an automated process for installation and mass deployment, and give you full data visibility when you need it.

Whether you need to backup BYOD data, geo-locate a device, or selectively remote wipe a device, Remver Business Continuity Consulting can ensure complete protection of your critical business data.

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