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Because knowledge is power, the REMVER IT Consulting blogs contain information about the latest trends and issues impacting our clients, our community, and the world. Nonetheless, they should not be used as a substitute for consultation with professional consultants, legal professionals, or other competent advisers. Subscribe to our IT Consulting blogs, stay informed, share the knowledge, and always do your own research.


If you’re not taking full advantage of your cloud-capable applications, what’s stopping you? ✅ Cost ✅ Integration difficulties ✅ Missing functionality Something else? Reply & let us know what’s in the way of your digital success.

If you’re not taking full advantage of your cloud-capable applications, is it because your current vendor’s offerings are:

💡 Cost-prohibitive
👍🏼 Too hard to integrate with current applications
🤔 Missing basic functionality

Something else? Comment below and let us know what’s standing in the way of your digital success.

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The Value of Virtualization

How did desktop virtualization and cloud-hosted thin clients enable a New England-based hospital to extend healthcare availability and essential services in a crisis? Get this eBook to learn from the hospital’s experience. A provider of virtualized desktop solutions from Citrix, REMVER IT Consulting can help you benefit from the value of virtualization at your organization.

#Citrix #virtualization

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Webinar: Cost of a Data Breach

After a data breach, the costs keep adding up and many companies don’t know why.

Watch this webinar for a succinct breakdown of the @IBM 2022 Cost of a Data Breach Report and get the knowledge you need to limit loss and protect your company.

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Modern application delivery for an adaptive, reliable network

With applications shifting to the cloud and DevOps becoming more complex, how do you maintain network visibility and control while delivering a reliable, flexible user experience? Read this eBook to see how REMVER IT Consulting can help you overcome these challenges with Citrix solutions.


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IBM Security ReaQta shows best-in-class capabilities

DYK: 67% of organizations saw attack surface expansion over the past 2 years?

That’s why many are turning to AI-powered security solutions like ReaQta from @IBM to provide complete coverage of sophisticated attacks with virtually no human intervention while producing top-quality alerts.

Learn more here:

#ReaQta #AI

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What is a Zero Trust Architecture?

Operating within an increasingly dangerous cyberthreat landscape, it’s time to adopt a strategy rooted in the principle of “never trust, always verify.”

Read about @Palo Alto Networks approach to designing a #ZeroTrust architecture 👇


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Build the New Multiverse

Too often IT teams are restrained from working on bigger digital transformation projects because they’re bogged troubleshooting infrastructure. Share if this sounds familiar. For a laugh, watch this video showing an IT pro gets back time with @Citrix DaaS.

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Join the REMVER IT Conversation!

How can REMVER IT Consulting help you build resilience against cyber threats? Receive a complimentary cybersecurity consultation when you schedule direct.

To help you address the growing divide between employer expectations and employee interests vis a vis remote work, we are offering a free assessment of your #hybridwork capabilities. Click 👇 to book a meeting.

Working with #AI is like trying to communicate with your dog, says filmmaker Elvis Deane when talking about creating a comic book with an AI art program. Read the article and watch the video for inspiration.

Where would you rank cost savings on the list of benefits your organization is realizing from cloud computing? Does it even make the list? Read 👇 for insight.

Business & IT priorities are often misaligned, creating organizational friction that not only hampers operational efficiency but also negatively impacts customer experience. Here's how to foster team synergy: #CX #BusinessStrategy

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