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State of Minnesota Builds Governance Model Using the Cloud

State of Minnesota IT Services deploys @AWSCloud for increased agility and reduced cost through an efficient, OpEx financial model. Check out this video to hear how AWS is becoming a critical part and major advantage for operations across Minnesota government departments. It is increasing agility while lowering costs through an OpEx financial model.

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Cyber Resiliency Consultation

How prepared is your organization to accelerate remediation and minimize disruption when a breach occurs? Let the experts at REMVER IT Consulting help you improve your cyber resilience strategy by scheduling a complimentary cyber resiliency consultation. View: Cyber Resiliency Consultation

Sanitas Leaps to the Cloud and Leverages the Potential of Microsoft Digital Selling

Curious to see what your organization can do by moving to the cloud with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Migration Program?

Read this to see how Sanitas, a Spanish health and wellness company, uses the Microsoft cloud to create an automated, data-centric digital sales platform.

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