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Complimentary Pandemic Plan Review

Dr. Claudia E. Tatum believes that in the event of pandemic influenza, businesses play a crucial role in protecting employees’ health and safety as well as limiting the negative impact...

Top 3 Things Your Campus Should Do to Improve Safety

According to a survey of 179,000 college students, over 72% replied that they are worried about campus safety. College campuses have a responsibility to protect their students from theft and injury,...

Tornado Emergencies – What you can do today to prepare

Every year, regions of the US are hit hard with damaging tornadoes and floodwaters In recent years, over $6.7 billion in damages have been incurred from tornadoes, and this year has been...

Why Social Media Shouldn’t be Your Only Emergency Notification Method

Social media has become an integral part of our everyday lives. As its influence has increased, so have the ways we interact with it. This includes businesses using social media...

IPAWS Alerting Authorities, Why You Need an Emergency Alert Solution with IPAWS

In 2018 there were 124 disaster declarations in the U.S., 58 of which were declared major disasters and 14 emergency declarations. Of these, the most common were flooding and fires, alongside 15 named...